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The way I work can be best described by four key concepts.

Good craftsmanship is an art. I do things the way they used to be done, the way they should be done, to last and to please. What is good craftsmanship? It’s attention to detail. It’s fine workmanship. It’s artistry in knowing the materials and their best uses and applications. It’s the unexpected little touches that you still notice long after the job is finished. It’s what I take pride in.

I do the work myself
I keep the size of my company small on purpose because I like to do the work with my own hands. This means I’m on the job site every day and can answer your questions whenever you have them. Not only do I enjoy working this way, I have the knowledge, experience, tools and technical skill to do the job right. 

On large projects, like putting in a new addition, I still do much of the work myself. When I need to hire more workers or hire other specialists, I oversee them to ensure that they work up to my standards.


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